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Automatic 35 Egg Hatching Incubator

Automatic 35 Egg Hatching Incubator

Automatic 35 Egg Hatching Incubator

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The Best Egg Incubator On The Market!

Looking for the best egg incubator that will keep all your bird eggs warm & cozy?

This state-of-the-art chick incubator was designed to heat up the eggs and keep them at ideal temperatures so the baby birds can hatch at the right time.

Equipped with precise temperature control technology, this egg incubator is fully adjustable when it comes to setting the right temperature for the eggs.

Our machine has the smart ability to automatically turn over eggs and record the days in incubation! Keeping you in the know every step of the way.

This egg incubator can be used for a wide variety of different bird eggs, ranging from chicken to duck to quail to pigeons and more.

It is very simple to use for all and convenient to set up.


✓ PROMOTES EMBRYO HEALTH - With built-in temperature sensing technology, it sounds an alarm if it notices the temperature is rising faster than normal. The inner temperature controlling system also provides better air circulation to ensure full diffusion of the warmth.

✓ EASY TO USE - Extremely easy and straight-forward to use. Simply add water to the egg incubator, set a specific temperature and pre-heat it, and insert the eggs. The LED light makes it easy to test the egg for activity.

✓ BUILT TO LAST - Durable build means It's designed to consistently provide the right amount of warmth needed even after extended use. Simply keep the insides clean to ensure it retains its quality over time. 


After connected power, the temperature will go up to about 38 degree. You just need to wait 10-15 min, and 38 degree is the most suit for temperature for chicken eggs during the hatching.


Product Size: (L*W*H): 37.5cm*25.5cm*17cm

Warranty: 1.5 years

Hatching Rate: 98%

Egg Capacity: 4-35 eggs

Suitable for: Goose eggs / Chicken eggs / Duck eggs / Turkey eggs / Quail eggs / Reptile eggs

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us: - we answer all queries within 24 hours.

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