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Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower

Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower

Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower

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Don't Leave It To Chance If The Next Camp Site Has Warm Showers... Feel Refreshed and Revitalized Every Day Of Your Camping Trip!

Camping in the middle of the wild is one of the most fulfilling and grounding acts we can do to reconnect with nature away from the hustle and bustle of our busy everyday lives.

There are many must haves for camping such as tents, portable stoves, camping chairs etc... But one thing gets overlooked as people have come to accept that camping = being a dirty, sweaty mess. 

With our Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower say goodbye being unclean and feel refreshed and revitalised every day of you trip!

When you wake up from a good night sleep amongst nature, enjoy a lovely morning shower and set yourself up for the best day exploring! As long as the sun is rising, a hot water shower will always be within reach.

Simply wake up, fill water in the shower bag, hang it under sunlight and let the sun do its job, so you can do yours!

Happily go for a morning walk, jog, yoga session, or any physical activity that gets you sweating and opens up your senses, knowing you can wash off the day if you feel like it.


When you're back, enjoy and experience a comforting hot shower relaxing all your muscles with the cool outdoor breeze surrounding you. A beautiful experience indeed.

With 20L capacity, you and your family or friends can easily clean yourself in one go.

You can easily adjust the shower flow efficiently, whilst the temperature indicator means you'll know when it's hot enough.

Super convenient net pockets mean you can easily hang your soap, shampoos, body gel, toothbrushes, etc.

  • Wash the bath bag with 1 spoonful of hot soda water before first use.
  • Fill with water and face the sun so that the sun can shine on it fully.
  • Heating for about 3 hours is ideal for use (The temperature can rise by about 30 degrees in about 3 hours, and the valve can be opened when used.)
  • Do not exceed 50 degrees if hot water is needed. try the water temperature before use. If it is too hot, add some cold water.
  • Friendly PVC material, avoid sharp objects, so as not to scratch the bag, water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees, or it will affect the life of the bath bag.
  • It is not recommended to use this camp shower bag to replenish drinking water.

    Additional Features:

    • Advanced shower head: ON/OFF switch & switchable from LOW to HIGH water current. Light weight & foldable, easy to carry & store
    • Temperature indicator: The back temperature bar allows you to know the water temperature. 
    • Net pocket storage basket: The front net pocket has two pockets which can be used for washing and carry-on items.

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