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Trigger Mobile Game Controller

Trigger Mobile Game Controller

Trigger Mobile Game Controller

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Gain The Advantage Against Your Enemies On Mobile Gaming And Get That MVP Status!

Best mobile controller for PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, GTA 5 Mobile, Cyber Hunter, or any game that allows you to freely move and edit the control scheme.


✓ Six finger controls

✓ Sturdy construction

✓ Ergonomic grip

✓ Reduced hand fatigue

✓ More screen space

✓ Responsive

✓ Conductive silicone trigger tips

The Trigger Mobile Game Controller features a unique ‘gun’ like grip that feels sturdy in your hands. Responsive spring triggers touch from the top-down, ensuring maximum screen space. 

Does not require any third party software to use, this device allows you to increase your skills at mobile gaming and become the best!

The console controller grip means your phone or tablet stays cooler, since you aren’t cradling it in the palms of your hands. This reduces hand and finger sweating, and phone/tablet slipping when playing.

Move any button to the top of your screen and out of your way! Endless button combinations can be keyed to the press of a trigger, taking it out of your field of view giving you more screen space to work with.

Design allows for charging cables and/or headphones to be plugged in simultaneously while playing, not interfering with gameplay.

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