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Vibrating Muscle Rejuvenation Exercise Foam Roller

Vibrating Muscle Rejuvenation Exercise Foam Roller

Vibrating Muscle Rejuvenation Exercise Foam Roller

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Rejuvenate Your Muscles And Reach Your Fitness Goals!

After long periods of inactivity, sudden exercise or long-term high-intensity exercise will produce a lot of lactic acid in the body, and your muscles will become strained.

'Rest' is not enough, and your body will still ache the next day. In order to get rid of pain in muscles, it is necessary to dispose of lactic acid in the blood.

The Vibrating Muscle Rejuvenation Exercise Foam Roller stimulates the blood's movement allowing muscles to feel relaxed, enabling them to work better to reach your fitness goals!

This professional-standard roller has four power levels to relax tight, sore muscles, reducing pain and boosting flexibility

Your own body weight applies pressure against the roller while the vibrating intensity level of your choice releases trigger points and breaks up fascia.

Blood flow is promoted to accelerate warm up and recovery before or after workouts.

Lightweight and portable for use at home and the gym. Effective textured exterior.

Simple one button operation and up to five days usage with full battery charge means you can easily take it with you to the gym, to work, on holiday... keeping your muscles in top condition!

Give Your Muscles The Care They Deserve, Accelerate Your Fitness Journey Today!

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